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 Let's talk about FemTech! 

Femtech France is the collective of femtech entrepreneurs which aims at:

  • Supporting the development of innovative projects in the field of women's health in France,

  • Creating synergies between the different members of the ecosystem: project leaders, startups and manufacturers, healthcare professionals, research laboratories, healthcare structures, etc.;

  • Taking part in the debates and strategic reflections on the political, technological and societal challenges of our sector.


Since 2022 we organize once a year a bootcamp dedicated to entrepreneurs who innovate in women's health and in June 2023 we have unveiled the first survey on the French femtech market along with a mapping referencing 115 French femtech startups.




















We are willing to strengthen our connection with international structures sharing the same ambition of developing more women’s health innovation and as such have set up official partnershisp with the following actors:

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